Art Therapy

What is Art Therapy?

Art Therapists are therapists with Masters level education in the visual arts, human development, and psychology. Art Therapy is the use of art making as non-verbal communication to aid in self-expression, and improve a client's well-being.

Art Therapy does not require any art making experience to participate. A therapy session is not to teach the right or wrong way to create art, or for the therapist to analyze a client's artwork, but for the client to determine it's relevance in relation to self. Additionally, the art making process allows the client to express feelings that might be too hard to put into words. Verbal processing of artwork is welcome in session, but not always necessary. Sessions are individually focused, and tailored to support the client's needs.  

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Home-Based Art Therapy + Recreation

I am able to provide Art Therapy and recreational activities to those unable to travel to Brick + Mortar Creative Arts Therapy Studio, such as in the homes of older adults with dementia, people on palliative care, and clients with physical disabilities. I also have experience working closely with families and care managers/teams. I provide a supportive space for self-expression, autonomy, and enjoyment to improve the client's overall quality of life.


Tiffany co-facilitates adolescent DBT/Art Therapy groups in Goshen, NY & Ridgewood, NJ with Minisink Psychology & Psychotherapy.

For interest in beginning an Art Therapy group for your program or facility in the Rockland County area, please contact for availability.